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Physiotherapist, Director of MLH Physio

Matt is a Physiotherapist at MLH Physio, in Sale, Manchester, which he has run for over 15 years. Alongside his job he is a keen hockey player and obviously runs a lot as part of his training. He has vast experience of dealing with sports injuries, running injuries and works with lots of local sports clubs. In his clinics he also treats lots of private patients with back and neck pain, muscular and joint injuries. At MLH Physio, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding clinical excellence and customer service at our clinics in Manchester, Sale and Wilmslow.

Matt Lakin Hall

27 Jun

Stop Getting Injured at the Gym! How to Prevent Common Workout Injuries

Go to any gym this time of year and it’ll be packed full of people working hard to get that bikini body. Working out is excellent and should be incorporated into daily routine. It doesn’t just help us look good, …

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