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My name is Sally Leech and I enjoy singing and running (but very rarely at the same time!). I started The Menopause Club as myself and many of my clients started facing challenges as we approached this new phase in our lives. As a Women’s Health Coach, I realised I knew very little about the menopause and I wasn’t alone. Around 13 million women are currently going through the menopause in the UK and women feel ill-informed, ill-prepared and unsupported. I’ve spent the last few years researching and studying. I completed a diploma in 3rd Age Women’s Health with Burrell Education. I’ve read countless books, articles, research papers and attended seminars and conferences. The most valuable research has been speaking to actual women, sharing their stories and their experiences. The whole idea of The Menopause Club is to open up the conversation on the menopause. It shouldn’t be a taboo subject that we’re scared of talking about. Our mission is that “No woman should go through this alone”.

Sally Leech

24 Jan

What Every Woman Should Know About the Menopause

Menopause is still a taboo subject, leaving women feeling ill-informed and unsupported. I have worked in Women’s Health for several years and yet 3 years ago as I started experiencing my first symptoms, I realised I knew very little about …

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