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7 Dec

7 Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be a result of many different factors, whether it’s old age or constant exposure to loud noises. While old age is inevitable, hearing loss from loud noise can be prevented. Helix Hearing Care shared the different ways …

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Dr Adam Abbs

5 Nov

4 Myths About Ear Infections You Need To Know

What is an ear infection? An ear infection is an infection which can affect any part of the ear. The middle ear is located directly behind the eardrum and this sort of infection is usually caused by trapped bacteria and …

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Dr Abby Hyams

30 Oct

What does tinnitus sound like?

Medicspot GP Tinnitus

Can you hear a whistling, buzzing, ringing or hissing in your ears? It could be tinnitus – a condition that affects as many as 30% of people at some point in their lives. Tinnitus is very common and people of …

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6 Feb

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2018

Tinnitus Awareness Week is running from 5-11 February this year. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the condition, which affects approximately 1 in 10 of the population. A recent British Tinnitus Association survey found that just under …

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25 May

Ear Nose and Throat – See talkhealth in The Guardian

talkhealth recently partnered with Mediaplanet UK on the 2017 Ears, Nose & Throat Campaign in The Guardian newspaper and online. Our article, titled 5 Remedies for blocked Ears, covered a number of remedies and manoeuvres to alleviate blocked ears such …

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talkhealth contributors

20 Jul

Deafness is no barrier to communication

Parents playing with children

Finding out that your child has hearing difficulties sparks a whole range of emotions in parents. Some feel guilty, sad, isolated or angry. Some feel relieved that the issue has been identified, while others are frightened about what the future …

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Guest blogger

30 Apr

Age Related Hearing Loss – Causes and Treatment


According to The charity ‘Action On Hearing Loss’, a one in seven UK resident suffers from some kind of hearing loss. There are many reasons for loss of hearing, some are directly linked with medial conditions such as infections, some …

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Guest blogger

13 Jan

Hearing and your emotional wellbeing

Elderly man hard of hearing

Many of us take our hearing for granted, and it’s only when a problem develops that the true impact of hearing loss becomes apparent. Hearing is a part of communication, and therefore by extension plays an important role in an …

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