Brook provides free and confidential sexual health and wellbeing services for over 275,000 young people UK-wide, each year. We also provide sex and relationships education (SRE) in a range of settings and training courses for professionals working with young people.

In everything we do, we try to help young people to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices and to improve their personal health and emotional wellbeing. The charity has over 50 years of experience working with young people and has services in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey.

Brook services provide free and confidential sexual health information, contraception, pregnancy testing, advice and counselling, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and outreach and education work, reaching over 275,000 young people every year. Ask Brook offers a confidential interactive text and webchat service offering information, support and signposting service Monday to Friday for anyone under 25 in the UK through:

  • A text chat service: 07537 402 024 (standard SMS rates apply)
  • A webchat service 9am-3pm
  • Ask Brook 24/7 tool through the Brook website:

Our work

Clinical and support services including all aspects of:

  • contraception choice - with ongoing support
  • counselling and support for choices around unplanned pregnancy
  • support for young women through their pregnancy including budget planning and future contraceptive needs
  • screening for infections, smear tests and support with the results
  • health and wellbeing services covering a range of areas including: mental health and emotional wellbeing; smoking and tobacco use; alcohol and drugs; healthy weight, food and improved nutrition; body image; increasing physical activity; oral health

Education and training

Brook's experienced education teams work with schools, school nurses, colleges and community groups helping all professionals to:

  • support young people's personal and emotional development
  • improve young people's understanding of healthy relationships to give them confidence to negotiate these successfully
  • help defend against sexual bullying and to tackle child sexual exploitation and sexual grooming
  • help young people manage risk taking behaviour including gang culture, drug and alcohol abuse and the consequences


Brook sells a range of innovative and engaging posters, booklets and educational resources for young people and professionals. To find out more about our publications visit, call 0870 750 3082 or email

Our bestselling Ask Brook booklet, Ask Brook about relationships, safety and risks offers insight, signposting and support around the everyday risks young people face as they navigate the worlds of social media, the internet and their own social lives; at home, in education, and when out and about. Look out for our new engaging Stuff range of posters which are designed to engage with young people about the issues they say are relevant to them.


Brook campaigns for sex and relationships education (SRE) to be fit for the 21st Century and relevant to young people's lives through our Sex:Positive campaign because we believe young people deserve to be heard. You can find out more about the campaign and sign our petition at

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