Fight Bladder Cancer

Founded in 2009 by patients, Fight Bladder Cancer (FBC) is the national charity for bladder cancer that is succeeding in making improvements for all who are affected by bladder cancer in the UK.

We are passionate about fighting bladder cancer because we’ve been there ourselves. We understand the challenges being faced by patients and their loved ones and what it takes to win the battle.

Supported by some of the best, world class, urologists, oncologists, specialist nurses and researchers, we provide comprehensive information and support services to thousands of patients and carers every year. Our on-line confidential forum runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week alongside a telephone and email helpline, our 1 to 1 Bladder Buddy peer support service for the whole country and a growing network of local support FIGHT clubs.

Every year, FBC runs a series of Awareness Campaigns on specific issues together with high profile activities during our Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in May each year that includes our now international Bubbles for Bladder Cancer and our growing number of Walks for Bladder Cancer across the country.

FBC is very active in Research in the UK and internationally where we work with research teams to obtain improvements in prevention, diagnosis, treatments and Quality of Life issues. With two dedicated research funds, we also now provide funding for specific trials that we believe are essential to support.

Our ground-breaking FIGHT magazine is the only publication for the whole bladder cancer community and, as well as being available for subscription, is sent out free of charge to hospitals, clinics and clinicians across the UK.

We know that many of the essential improvements we want for bladder cancer patients will only come from policy change at a high level within the NHS, the Department of Health within the UK and by campaigning internationally for a stronger focus on this common but neglected cancer. Consequently, FBC leads on bladder cancer in Europe through the European Cancer Patients Coalition and our founding members of the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition alongside BCAN in the US and Bladder Cancer Canada.

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