GMFA is the UK's leading charity dedicated to gay men's health.

GMFA was founded in 1992, to address the fact that gay men were the group most likely to become infected by HIV in the UK and yet, at the time, hardly any resources specifically targeted gay men. GMFA quickly earned a reputation for delivering frank, honest and often sexy campaigns for gay men.

We believe that the most effective health promotion for gay men comes from gay men themselves. For this reason, we use the knowledge and skills of our volunteers, most of them gay men, to design and plan our sexual health interventions. These include advertising campaigns and booklets; FS magazine; health information websites; HIV testing services; support for gay men living with HIV and free workshops for gay men.

Whilst HIV and sexual health remain at the heart of our work, we also seek to reduce other health inequalities that gay men suffer. Gay men are more likely to smoke, have concerns about their alcohol consumption and take recreational drugs than heterosexual men, and all of these have a negative impact on gay men’s health. Due in large part to discriminatory attitudes within some sections of society there are increased rates of depression amongst gay men and 6% of young gay men have attempted suicide.

GMFA’s work aims to improve gay men's health by increasing the control that they have over their own lives. We do this by providing information, support and guidance, free from judgment, and using the same language that gay men will use conversationally with each other.

GMFA relies on the support and generosity of individuals from the gay community, and the men and women who value this community. This support is vital in enabling us to continue providing men with the information and support that they need to live happy, healthier lives. You can donate to GMFA by visiting

You can find out more about GMFA and our work at You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Charity No: 1076854