The Scar Free Foundation

The mission of The Scar Free Foundation to achieve scar free healing within a generation and transform the lives of those affected by disfiguring conditions. Our vision is a World Without Scarring.

Founded by the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons our research programme includes the world’s largest cleft lip and palate research programme, the national clinical research network in burns, published work in tissue regeneration and wound healing, and a leading study into the psychology of disfigurement.

Some of the world’s most respected pioneers in stem cell and wound healing research have helped in developing our Scar Free Strategy, the clinical, scientific and psychological research road map to scar free healing therapies. Over the next twenty years, we will invest in a multi-disciplinary, scientific and clinically driven focus of work to kick start a global research movement set to deliver new treatments for patient in both the medium and long term.

By 2045, new therapies will exist and no-one will have to live with the lifelong effects of scarring. Children affected by burns or cleft as well as those who undergo surgery for diabetes or cancer, will no longer need to live with the appearance, functional and emotional challenges of scars. This is a bold ambition that will rely on international and multi-agency collaboration but one that The Scar Free Foundation is uniquely placed to lead. Scar free healing will revolutionise medical treatments, it will transform the lives of those affected and it will forever change the way we see disfigurement.

If you would like further information on scar free healing and the work of The Scar Free Foundation, please visit

We are unable to provide information or support for patients or the families of those affected, directly. We recommend that if you are affected by scarring – or know someone who is – that in the first instance advice and support is sought from your GP.

Charity Number: 1078666