Sleep Council

A good night’s sleep is vitally important to health and wellbeing.

Established since 1995, The Sleep Council is at the heart of the sleep industry. It is a not-for-profit, impartial organisation that looks at how you can adopt healthier sleep habits and focuses on raising awareness of a good night’s sleep to health and wellbeing.

We believe that, armed with more information, many adults and children could sleep a lot better than they currently do. There is plenty of advice and awareness about adopting healthy diets and exercise regimes but advice on how to improve sleep quality is not widely available. Consequently many do not realise that making small adjustments to lifestyle or environment could significantly improve sleep quality.

Advice and Leaflets
We provide helpful advice and tips on how to improve sleep quality from children and teens through to adults, and also how to create the perfect sleep environment. All our information can be found on our website or in two main leaflets – The Good-Night Guide and the Good-Night Guide for Children – which can be requested via our leaflet line or downloaded from the website.

Awareness Events
Every year we organise awareness events – Sleeptember (which runs through the month of September to highlight the benefits of a good night’s sleep) and National Sleep In Day in the autumn (it’s the day the clocks go back when we all get an extra hour in bed!). We also participate in National Bed Month in March which has been running since 1990.

Health professionals
Under a dedicated section on the website, we provide fact sheets, posters and access to our leaflets on all aspects of sleep health from shift work, dealing with jet lag, children and those over 50.

We are not experts or specialists in the fields of sleep disorders or insomnia.

For more information visit or call 01756 791089