Andrew Winterbottom

Founder and CEO, Fight Bladder Cancer

Andrew was diagnosed with a Stage 4 bladder cancer in 2009 and subsequently had surgery to remove his bladder. Finding that there wasn’t a single charity dedicated to support people affected by bladder cancer in the UK, he founded Fight Bladder Cancer which now provides substantial support services, awareness campaigns, is active in research and trials and campaigns at a political level to achieve change for this much neglected cancer.

Fight Bladder Cancer has grown dramatically over the last nine years and is now seen as a major patient advocacy body for bladder cancer patients in the UK and, increasingly, across Europe and beyond.

As Founder and CEO of Fight Bladder Cancer, Andrew is involved as a specialist member of the NICE Bladder Cancer Quality Standards panel, is the patient representative on a number of trials in addition to sitting on the Bladder Cancer Clinical Studies Group.

Andrew is also a board member of European Cancer Patients Coalition based in Brussels where he has the role of treasurer and European lead on bladder cancer. Recently he has been the UK representative on the initial work to set up a global bladder cancer patients advocacy organisation which launches in 2018.

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