Dr Miriam Wittmann

Associate Professor in Inflammatory Diseases

Dr Wittmann trained in Dermatology at Hannover Medical School in Germany and received Specialist Dermatology Certification in 2005. She has been active in eczema research since 1997 investigating reasons why this condition tends to become so chronic, and received professor status for her work in that area. Dr Wittmann came to the UK in 2008 as a Lecturer in Immunology at the University of Leeds and returned to Clinical Dermatology in 2012. She runs clinics at Bradford Teaching Hospital in general dermatology, a hand eczema clinic and a combined clinic with rheumatology focussing on psoriatic disease and Lupus erythematosus conditions. Dr Wittmann is currently chief investigator of a UK-wide study on hand eczema called ALPHA and has developed a special interest and expertise in hand eczema conditions.