Dr Neil Stanley

Independent Freelance Sleep Expert

Dr Neil Stanley is an independent freelance sleep expert and has been involved in sleep research for more than 37 years. In 1982 he started his career at the Neurosciences Division of the R.A.F. Institute of Aviation Medicine. He moved to the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit (HPRU), part of the University of Surrey, in 1993 where as Director of Sleep Research, he created and ran a 24 bed sleep laboratory designed for clinical trials. Since 2009 he has been freelance and now spends most of my time travelling the UK and abroad lecturing on various aspects of sleep to healthcare professionals, companies and members of the public as well as the resident sleep expert for Sleepstation, a provider of digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Neil has published 38 peer-review papers on various aspects of sleep research and psychopharmacology and in 2004 received his PhD from the University of Surrey on the basis of his published works.

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