Dr Romi Ran

Clinical Psychologist, Coach & Speaker

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Dr Romi Ran is a British Clinical Psychologist, Coach & Speaker. Romi has devoted much of her professional life to supporting individuals with Food, Eating and Body Image difficulties.

Her approach challenges societal views and myths relating to diets, eating and weight. She supports clients to be their own experts and not rely on the advice (or rules) of others to nourish themselves.

Romi's methods include teaching people how to eat when they are hungry; choosing foods that nourish their bodies; stopping when they are full; and eating mindfully.  

​Romi has countless individuals to obtain complete freedom from the constraints of disordered eating and body obsession.

 She is the author of Bite Sized Peace - Change How You Eat, Accept Your Body, Transform Your Life published January 1 2024. To find out more about Romi and her work and book visit: https://www.drromiran.com/

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