Dr Sarah Gray

Primary Care Lead for NHS Cornwall for Women's Health and Cancer

Sarah Gray trained in London and was always interested in Women’s Health. She went on to general practice in order to provide better care for women in a primary care setting. She still works regularly as a GP but has specialist expertise and leads the NHS Menopause Service in Cornwall. Sarah is an authority on the range of problems from teenage sexual health, periods, cyclical mood problems, pregnancy, contraception, menopause, osteoporosis and other related issues. She encourages women to ask questions, understand and make their own minds up about how they wish to manage their problem.

Sarah is the Primary Care Lead for NHS Cornwall for both Women’s Health and Cancer. She has worked with NICE on guidance for heavy periods and with other bodies to develop national guidance. She organises education and training for doctors and nurses in a range of topics including contraception, bleeding problems, menopause and osteoporosis. She publishes widely in the field of women’s health and has a regular phone in on BBC local radio.

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