Fran McElwaine

AFMC, CHHC - Functional Health & Lifestyle Coach

As a Functional Health & Lifestyle Coach, Fran’s expertise lies in helping women who struggle with peri-and-post-monopause take back control of their health in a way that is surprisingly easy and effective. She utilises a totally natural approach to wellness as she helps her clients establish the unique ‘lifestyle prescription’ that works perfectly for them.

At 60 years old, Fran now enjoys the health and happiness that she was denied in her younger years. The price she paid for a long and stressful career was that she began to experience worrying symptoms of stress-related insulin resistance (and the corresponding gain in weight and metabolic issues), chronic joint and muscle pain, depression and chronic fatigue. Afraid that her health was only going to get worse as she got older, she felt she had nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by experimenting with natural ways to recover her health. Gradually she made the connection between the small daily choices she made and the way she felt, which turned out to be transformational and life-affirming. Building on her personal experience, she went on to become certified in Health Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in Functional Medicine through the School of Applied Functional Medicine and also in Life Coaching as a Quantum Life Coach.

Her work incorporates both the science and the emotion of our relationship with food and health. Leaning on her deep knowledge of the bio-chemistry and root causes of chronic health issues, Fran supports her clients to manage and overcome chronic, lifestyle-related disease by using targeted diet and lifestyle choices, unique to each situation, to reduce inflammation, boost immunity and balance hormones, so that her clients can experience true wellness.

She provides individualised support so people can reclaim their health in a way that is both accessible and achievable. It’s not just about knowing what to do, although that’s important, it’s also about knowing how to do it and Fran’s work is all about making any changes to habits or lifestyle ‘do-able’ over the long term. Fran will help you understand what works best for you as well as helping you break through all those blocks and limiting beliefs that sabotage your best efforts (and get in the way of feeling exactly how you want to feel!).

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