Grace Miller

BSC honours in Midwifery, Diploma in Acupuncture in Pregnancy, Clinical Specialist for Zilico

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Grace Miller is a registered Midwife who trained at the University of West London in (2016) Within her years as a Midwife, she has worked privately and set up a business giving patients individualised acupuncture during their pregnancy and beyond. 

Grace is now working part time in Midwifery and has embarked on a new job role as a clinical specialists. She is working for a company called Zilico with the goal to adopt utilisation of a cervical cancer device called Zedscan. This will be used an an adjunct to Colposcopy and increase detection of low grade and high grade neoplasia. 

Grace is committed to drive interest and education globally on cervical cancer and how to prevent it early on. Women’s health has always been a passion to her through her line of work and she hopes education on this will benefit many others. 

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