Jane Dean

Naturopath - MA RN RM ND

I am an experienced nurse and midwife with a special interest in women and children’s health. I have worked within the NHS, the private sector and abroad.

As a Naturopath I bring another aspect to healing in which the body, given the right conditions, will always try to heal itself. My mantra is the body wants to be well!

In 1998 I established A Breath for Life which is a charity providing hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a variety of chronic health conditions with priority given to children suffering from cerebral palsy. We treat many adults with neurological dysfunction and diabetic neuropathies.

I am part-time Lecturer at The College of Osteopathic Medicine on the obstetric and gynaecology module.

I am a supporter of AIMS - The Association for Improvement in Maternity Services and Cancer Options.

I am a member of the Guild of Health Writers and author of Infertility –the essential guide.