Jo Wren

Bsc (hons) Community Specialist Practitioner, Independent/Supplementary Prescriber

My nursing career has spanned over the last 38 years in which time I have gained a wealth of varied experience from acute critical care to supporting individuals in disease prevention and managing long term conditions.

I have always had a specialist interest in the complexities of diabetes and am currently employed as a community diabetes specialist nurse/team lead within an NHS trust.

My passion is to support people in managing their diabetes and promote their independence in doing so, especially those who may be more vulnerable like those with learning disabilities, young people and those going through transition from paediatric to adult care and those on insulin pump therapy.

I am an accredited DAFNE and DESMOND educator and facilitate education forums for fellow community health care providers.

I am a proud member of a dynamic innovative team that works in collaboration with fellow health care providers, patients and careers that strive to meet the goals of our diabetic population.

I respect everyone as an individual and believe in supporting them in identifying their own personal needs and empowering them in taking control.