Julie Van Onselen

Independent Dermatology Nurse - RGN, RSCN, BA(Hons)

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Julie is a Dermatology Lecturer Practitioner; her background is 25 years as a dermatology clinical nurse specialist, in both primary and secondary care. She works independently and as a lecturer at the University of Stirling. Her company Dermatology Education Partnership Ltd focuses on dermatology educational projects for the pharmaceutical industry, the NHS, universities; professional and patient support groups. DEP Ltd organise training courses in practical dermatology as well as working in conjunction with training associates. Julie works for skin support groups, with a regular weekly session on the National Eczema Society complex helpline. Julie is a health care writer and publishes widely in professional and health care journals; she is past editor of Dermatological Nursing. She is also special adviser to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin and steering committee member of the Psoriasis Setting Priorities Partnership project, running from 2017-2020. She works clinically once a week and her current clinical post is with SkinHealth UK, running skin cancer detection and awareness clinics; in the past she ran nurse-led clinics in eczema, psoriasis and acne care. Julie is passionate about improving care and support for people with skin conditions through developing educational initiatives for both healthcare professionals and patients throughout the UK.