Maureen Jenkins

Director of Clinical Services for Allergy UK - BSc (Hons); RN; NP; Asthma Dip.

Maureen was appointed Allergy UK’s Director of Clinical Services in 2012 and has three allergic children, one is also anaphylactic. For 14 years, Maureen ran a Primary Care allergy service in Sussex, also doing immunotherapy in Portsmouth. She previously worked in Intensive Care for many years, then in a Community Hospital, prior to running a Primary Care walk-in clinic and asthma service for nine years in West Sussex.

In 1997, she became a Trustee of The British Allergy Foundation (BAF), now Allergy UK, which lobbied for Government funding to train Primary Care clinicians. Maureen became the BAF/Allergy UK Nurse Advisor and Training Manager in 2000, establishing the DH funded graduate level Allergy Diploma course, training days for clinical and educational staff and various allergy masterclasses.

Maureen has represented Allergy UK at international meetings and interdisciplinary groups, including House of Commons Select Committee and House of Lords inquiries into allergy services, NICE and the FSA. She has written many articles on allergy and contributed to radio and TV programmes, including the Dispatches intervention documentary, “How to beat your kids’ asthma”.