Mike Broadbent

Psychodynamic Counsellor/Psychotherapist MBACP (Accred) MSc MBA

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Mike Broadbent is a Psychodynamic Counsellor/Psychotherapist in private practice and also teaches counselling at Nescot, Ewell.

Mike began his career as an electronic engineer and held various engineering and management positions finishing as change management and training consultant. He retrained as a neurolinguistic programming (NLP) therapist and went on to train as a psychodynamic therapist. He has experience at Samaritans, Redhill Counselling Centre, Sutton Counselling and The Albany Trust as well as his own private practice. He teaches on various counselling programmes and is currently developing programmes for brief or time-limited psychodynamic therapy and counselling research for a new counselling degree course.

He has worked with a variety of clients including those who have long-standing issues as a result of child sexual abuse.

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