Mr Robin Crawford

Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist

I started in Addenbrookes, Cambridge in 1998 as a consultant gynaecological oncologist after working in Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne Australia. I have wide experience in gynaecological surgery both laparoscopic and open. I am present the clinical director for gynaecology.

Developing the gynaecological cancer centre in Cambridge we have seen improvements in survival of over 30% over the last decade. I have worked with the RCOG, been a council member of the British Gynaecological Cancer Society. I have worked with NICE on the cancer consideration panel and a tumour expert group. I now am actively working with the Department of Health on a national project helping patients get better quicker, Enhanced Recovery. My work with Addenbrookes Abroad is partnered with El Salvador I work with the National Cancer Intelligence Network co-chairing their comorbidity subgroup.