Sarah Lawrence

Action for M.E. Welfare Rights Officer

Sarah staffs Action for M.E.’s Welfare Rights Helpline, an essential service for many people with M.E. and their carers.

She has 10 years’ welfare rights experience including advocacy at benefit tribunals.

On-going changes to the welfare system have dramatically increased demand for Sarah’s expertise and advice, especially on issues such as Work Capability Assessments, the introduction of Personal Independence Payments and Universal Credit.

Sarah keeps right up to date with the latest changes and offers a unique support service to people with M.E. and their carers.

Before joining Action for M.E in 2009 Sarah worked in a similar role for two different voluntary sector organisations. She has also worked in adult education and for an overseas development charity.

Sarah is committed to ensuring that people with M.E know their rights and have access to information that enables them to make informed choices.

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