Sarah Turner

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Addictions Counsellor

Sarah founded the Harrogate Sanctuary twelve years ago, specifically to help women who have found themselves in the grip of alcohol misuse.

Through her own years of struggle to find appropriate care, and for the most part failing miserably, she was determined to offer empathetic treatment for women who, as she once was, terrified of speaking to generic agencies and groups of strangers.

To that end she trained as an alcohol counsellor and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, the Harrogate Sanctuary was born.

For many years she flew under the radar, but as the rates of success grew, and word spread, GPs started to signpost the Sanctuary, media and press heard of her work, she has now opened up to a much wider audience through her website, She offers a one to one service only, and using technology now has a client base throughout the UK and Europe.

Sarah campaigns for tailored care and de-stigmatizing this illness. To that end she believes by sticking to the demographic that is so familiar to her, middle class women, often professional and mothers, who spend their lives juggling daily, whilst operating around wine time, is critical to positive outcomes.

Sarah has built up a stellar reputation, and her recovery rates over six months are 90% and rising. The key to this success is not because of qualifications but total understanding of the women she treats. Once the Sanctuary women are in control, their nearest and dearest benefit enormously from their wellness.

Now a regular on BBC Radio York and in the process of collaborating on an essential guide for women who have problems with alcohol, she hopes to make a difference to the present ineffective blanket coverage of alcoholism to show that everyone deserves specialist care for what is potentially a life threatening illness, and not a lifestyle choice.

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