Tracy Kelly

Head of Clinical Care, BSc RD, MBDA

Tracy Kelly is an award winning dietitian and Head of Clinical Care at Diabetes UK. With 15 years professional experience working in the NHS, private practice and charity sector, Tracy is passionate about inspiring people to lead full, happy and healthy lives - and realises nutrition is an essential aspect. As a dietitian and lifestyle coach, Tracy understands the complexities of food and the effect it can have on a person’s health and wellbeing. Tracy believes that when you combine a strong knowledge base in nutrition and adopt a holistic approach building resilience, confidence, healthy relationships with food and body image, then magic happens. We need to make ourselves our number one priority. As a spokesperson for Diabetes UK, Tracy features regularly in the media and is the resident diabetes expert for the Healthy Food Guide. She is committed to supporting people with diabetes enjoy great—tasting healthy food and encouraging the prevention of Type 2 diabetes through better lifestyle choices.

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