Wendy Green

Health Expert & Author - BSc (Hons) Health Studies

Wendy Green is the author of over twenty books about health, including 'IBS: A self-help guide to feeling better' and 'The Happy Gut Guide: Know More, Live Well, Feel Great'. She has also run a health project for the Deaf community for over twelve years.

Other topics she has covered in her books include Eczema, Hayfever, Arthritis, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Fibromyalgia. Excerpts from her Personal Health Guides published by Summersdale, have appeared in the Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror and the Daily Express. Her Migraine title in the series ranked 27 in Amazon's bestsellers list. Her books are published in several other countries, including Portugal, Italy, Brazil, India, and Serbia.

She is passionate about health and believes that everyone can improve their wellbeing by taking more responsibility for their own health through sensible eating, regular exercise, managing stress and practising good sleep habits.

In 2000 Wendy gained a first class honours degree in health studies in which she studied health from all angles - including the psychological, biological, nutritional, environmental and social factors that affect our wellbeing. As a result, all of her books cover their topic holistically, with suggestions on how to overcome health issues through diet, supplements, exercise, psychological techniques and DIY complementary therapies.

She believes that adopting a healthier lifestyle needn't involve depriving yourself of your favourite foods, or following a punishing exercise regime but that making small, achievable, long-term tweaks to your diet and lifestyle can lead to huge improvements in your health.

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