Expert Clinic on Gynaecology


talkhealth provided an online expert clinic on gynaecology. It won’t come as a shock to you to learn that, despite nearly half of the population having vulvas, 26% of women have never visited a gynaecologist. We want to get women talking about their gynae health, that’s why our panel of experts are here to answer all of your questions. Whether you want to learn about symptoms of PCOS or need some help with managing endometriosis, we asked our members to submit their questions and which were answered by leading HCPs.

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The clinic is an online forum, please contact us if you’re unsure how it works!

Medical Experts

Dr Naomi Sutton

Consultant Physician

Dr Frances Yarlett

GP, Women's Health Specialist

Supporting partners

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust 

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is the UK's leading cervical cancer charity. It offers a range of online and face to face support and information including:

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