January 2021

Join us every Friday for
a coffee & chat

Every week, we have a theme
around which we base our
30-45 minute chat and on
the last Friday of every month, we’re
joined by a medical professional
or patient advocate

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Movement &
with Cas

Join Cas every Wednesday
in January for 30
minutes of chats &
movement to get those
endrophins pumping!
This is for ALL abilities
whether standing or sitting
- let's get moving!

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Expert Webinar 
Muscle mass

Wednesday 27 January - 12pm

We chat to the brilliant Claire
Baseley about the importance
of retaining muscle mass,
regardless of age in this TH+ 
webinar - why not join us?

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Expert Webinar

Wednesday 20 January -1pm

We're joined by Dr George
for an hour long
on atopic eczema & steriods.

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Cooking with
The Mindful Cook

Mindful eating with the 
Mindful Cook

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Expert Webinar
Ketogenic Diet

Even if you’ve never been on it
yourself, you probably know
someone who’s given the keto
diet a go. Dr Neil Bindemann
believes that following a
ketogenic diet can improve
brain health as he'll explain
in this TH+ expert webinar.

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Expert clinic on 
sensitive skin

18-21 January

British Skin Foundation experts
will be answering your questions
on sensitive skin

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Expert clinic on 
sleep disorders

25-28 January

Not sleeping well? Ask the Sleep
Charity experts your question in
our expert clinic

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Expert Webinar 
Strategies for
managing sleep

Thursday 25 February - 12pm

Join our TH+ webinar where
we'll be chatting to Vicki Dawson,
CEO and founder of The Sleep
Charity about various sleep
issues & how we can get better sleep

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Expert Webinar 
migraines &

Thursday 11 February - 12pm

We're joined by Dr Mandy Leonhardt who will help
to make sense of menopausal

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Expert clinic on 
skin cancer/moles

Thursday 18 February

British Skin Foundation experts
will be answering your questions
on skin cancer & moles

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Expert clinic on 
kidney matters

Thursday 25 February

Ask the Urology Foundation
experts your kidney question in
our expert clinic

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Expert Webinar 
Daily movement
with MS & other
chronic conditions

Wednesday 17 March - 1pm

We'll be chatting to Dr Gretchen
about the importance of
movement throughout the
day for chronic conditions
such as MS in our TH+ webinar

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Expert Webinar 
Emotional health
& emotional

Thursday 4 March - 12pm

Join our th+ webinar where
we will be talking to Josie Buck -
AKA The Mindful Cook about
our relationship with food.

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