Welcome to TH+ coffee mornings!

Every Friday, we invite you to join us for a cup of Joe (or whatever you like to drink!) and a natter on Zoom. Having already piloted the event, we know how much chatting with like-minded people can mean - particularly if you’ve not left the house much. 


Every week, we have a theme around which we base our 30-45 minute chat and on the last Friday of every month, we’re joined by a medical professional or patient advocate. That means that you can learn from others, share your experiences and chat directly to an expert in that field. No question is too silly, simple or out there! Of course, our experts won’t be able to diagnose you on the spot or use the Zoom setting to examine you - that’s not the point of these sessions. These are a chance to ask questions and pick up some expert, in-depth advice about a certain topic. 

Not free on Friday mornings? No worries - we have lots of other expert-led events and experiences on offer that you can catch up on in your own time. The point of TH+ 12 month membership is that whether you visit our site every day or come to binge every other month, our exclusive events are there for you to consume ‘live’ or at your leisure for the 12 months. 

Our coffee mornings begin at 11am and we ask that you’re ready to go live five minutes before kick-off. Before each session, we’ll send out the Zoom invite with the link and password, as well as our Coffee Morning Join and Etiquette guide. 


Our coffee morning timetable:

13 November - Movement
20 November - Breakfast
27 November - Menopause with Dr Mandy Leonhardt

4 December -  Gynaecological health
11 December - Mental health
18 December - Allergies with Patient Adovcate Ruth Holroyd

7 January - Weight 
14 Janaury - Stress
21 January - Energy levels
28 Janaury -  Bladder and bowel with medical expert 


Coffee mornings reviews

Chit chat and a cuppa... thank you Talk Health (TH) for reaching out to me during Lockdown. It's good to know that even though you may be on your own, there is no need to be lonely, with or without a chronic condition.

Initially, I connected with TH through their website to sign up for their myMS support programme. I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis last March.

I received an email inviting me to take part in their first Coffee Date with other TH members and thought well why not?! It was chance to have a chat and a cuppa, and spend half an hour meeting new people and checking in with others.

Living in the countryside, I do not get to see or meet many people, especially during Lockdown when most people were staying put at home. The chance to connect with others certainly brightened my day.

Having the chance to connect with others was a welcome distraction from 'working from home' when hours and days all seemed to roll into one. It was great opportunity to pause for a short time, connect and reflect.

Thanks for being my humans TH! Here's to the next Coffee Date. I'll be ready with my cuppa!

Claire (Oct 2020)


If you have any questions about our Friday coffee mornings, please feel free to send them to info@talkhealthpartnership.com 

Welcome to TH+ coffee mornings!