talkhealth meets…Jessie: life after receiving an MS diagnosis


When: Thursday 17 November 2020

Time: 12.00pm

Where: Instagram - @talkhealthonline

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be chatting to the inspirational Jessie Ace (AKA @disabledtoenabled) about life after receiving an MS diagnosis and her top tips for managing a chronic health condition.
Jessie was diagnosed with MS at just 22 after the left side of her body went numb on the final day of her university degree. Things quickly escalated and she soon found that she barely had the strength to hold a pencil - a big issue for someone entertaining ambitions of being a professional illustrator. Fast forward umpteen years and she’s now dedicating her time to helping other MS warriors make the best of their situations. She now blogs for the National MS Society, MS Society and MS-UK.
She’s also written a symptom tracker book that aims to help track and manage chronic illness in under five minutes a day. We’ve got three copies of the ENabled Warrior Symptom Tracker Book to give away!
Jessie’s mission is to fill the internet with positivity after being told by her GP to ‘go home and Google’ her condition - finding every scary story going. We’ll be chatting about how to mentally manage the emotional impact of diagnosis, how she stays upbeat and her top tips for self-care when you live with a progressive disease.
If you have any questions or want to know how to can connect with other people living with MS, please do join us on Instagram where you can put your queries directly to Jessie on how to better manage your condition. If you'd prefer for us to ask on your behalf, drop us an email before the event –