VIDEO: Exclusive festive expert webinar with Sophie Medlin

talkhealth’s resident dietician Sophie Medlin returned to our screens with nutritional wisdom that’ll see us all through the festive period. In the one-off Christmas special, Sophie set the record straight about mince pies and moderation. 

For many of us, December is reserved for spending time with loved ones, pressing play on our favourite christmas songs and leaving room for just one more gingerbread, and this year should be no different. 

After a week of troubling Christmas weight-related fitness and wellbeing coverage in the broadsheets, we wanted to cut through the headlines and find out more about festive nutrition. 

In the webinar, Sophie emphasised the importance of maintaining a healthy mental and emotional relationship with food throughout the Christmas period. For many, the seasonal sweet treats and contentious sprout offerings can be overwhelming, but you shouldn’t feel bad for giving in to the temptation for foods that we only eat once a year! 

Watch our Christmas Special Webinar here:

Sophie also instilled some common sense into the overconsumption worries that always surface throughout this period. She highlighted that even though you might be treating yourself, you probably aren’t going to neglect your five a day. After all, your turkey dinner will be ticking off the five food groups with ease.

At the heart of the conversation though was the importance of surrounding yourself with positivity as we come to the end of a stressful year. Sophie explained that the first step to becoming more comfortable with consumption is cutting out external negative pressures. Unfollow people who post unattainable selfies to your feed, speak to those you are close with about how you are feeling and take small steps towards a nutritious and balanced festive diet. 

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Last revised: 17 December 2020
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