VIDEO: TH+ Expert Webinar with Claire Baseley: The importance of retaining muscle mass throughout your life

As we get older, there are certain health checkpoints we have to tick off. Maintaining a healthy weight, keeping active, staying mentally agile, keeping an eye on our gynaecological health. But one thing we don’t talk about enough is the need to retain muscle mass.

Despite the fact that the government guidelines recommend everyone engages in two strength sessions a week, many of us swerve the weights.

This expert webinar explores why it’s so important that we continue to build muscle, particularly as we approach, experience and finish the menopause.

Registered Nutritionist Claire Baseley talks about how to balance eating and training to help maintain healthy levels of muscle, strength and core stability.



Having worked for the Food Standards Agency and the food industry for many years, Claire has built up in-depth experience in weight management, adult nutrition, and nutrition for older people - among other things.

We cover:

  • How to eat to retain muscle mass and why this is important
  • Resistance training and how to make it work for you
  • Supplements - fab or fad?
  • The importance of rest for building muscle

Consultant profile:

Claire is an experienced Registered Nutritionist with a BA in Biological Science from Oxford University and an MSc in Human Nutrition from Sheffield University. She specialises in nutrition in mid-life and beyond, sports nutrition, infant nutrition and general healthy eating. When not running her nutrition consultancy, CLB Nutrition Ltd, Claire can be working on TV programmes such as ITV’s Save Money Good Food, Channel 4’s Jaime and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast and Food Unwrapped, as well as other media projects.  Read our Q&A session with Claire here

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