VIDEO: TH+ Expert Webinar with Anna Middleton: Oral health

In this webinar multi-award-winning dental hygienist and founder of London Hygienist, Anna Middleton, reveals the impact our oral health can have on our general health.   

Sit at Anna’s virtual dentist’s chair today and learn more about how poor oral health is linked wider health issues and chronic conditions such diabetes and heart disease.

A recent study revealed that people who suffer with gum disease were more likely to experience complications as a result of Covid-19.

The research found that that:

  • Patients which suffer with periodontitis were 4.5 times more likely to require a ventilator
  • Nine times more likely to die of a virus
  • 5 times likely to be admitted to intensive care.

A second study also showcased that poor oral hygiene increased the duration of viral shedding from Covid-19 from approximately 50 days (meaning the virus is detectable for longer in your saliva even if your symptoms have resolved and you are not brushing your brushing properly).

This means that with the correct oral hygiene, you can in-fact reduce the duration of infection from covid-19.

And it doesn’t stop there. The mouth tells us a lot about a wide range of other health conditions. Did you know for example that nutritional deficiencies and gastrointestinal disease are first diagnosed in the mouth?

From bleeding gums to recurrent ulcers poor, oral health can be a sign of further health complications. If you have poor health systematic signs can appear in the mouth, for example if you take medications or undergo hormonal changes, our mouth reflects this.

Likewise, poor oral hygiene can also put you at risk of further health issues, this is because if you are not cleaning your teeth properly, the bacteria associated with gum disease can migrate to other parts of the body in the blood, such as the heart and the brain.  

Multi-award-winning dental hygienist and founder of London Hygienist, Anna Middleton, has spent years warning how poor oral hygiene can impact general health.

Anna discusses and provides her advice and top tips for good at-home oral care management and highlights why regular visits to your dental practitioner is much more than just checking your teeth and gums. Read our talkhealth meets with Anna to find out more about what she does!

In this webinar Anna:

  • Explores the link between oral health and general health
  • Considers the role of gum disease and inflammation in poor health
  • Examines the importance of good mouth health for protection again Covid-19
  • Discusses the association between oral health and systemic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and nutritional deficiencies
  • Uncovers early warning signs of poor oral health that you should look out for
  • Gives you tips for better oral health


Expert Profile

Anna is a dedicated and passionate award-winning dental hygienist and therapist. She started ‘London Hygienist’ with the mission to change the way oral health care is delivered to patients. Anna is a key opinion leader for Philips as well as a Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) ambassador for EMS Dental and Swiss Dental Academy trainer. Anna is an ambassador for the British Society of Hygiene and Therapy and British Society of Periodontology. Anna lectures and writes regularly for both industry and consumer press. You can follow her on social media @londonhygienist.

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