VIDEO: TH+ Expert Webinar with Dr Mandy Leonhardt: hormonal migraines & perimenopause

The perimenopause can be an overwhelming time for many women, with the transition announcing itself with hot flushes, irregular menstrual cycles, disturbed sleep and mood swings.

On top of these symptoms, 45% of women report that they also suffer from increasingly regular and uncomfortable migraines in the lead-up to the menopause.

This is no surprise. For years, experts have been exploring the relationship between female menstrual cycles, hormone fluctuations and migraines. It is thought that declining oestrogen levels throughout a women's cycle are linked to the onset of migraines.

In this exclusive webinar, Mandy Leonhardt, a GP who specialises in women’s health, unpicks hormonal migraines from puberty and beyond.

Throughout the course of our chat, Mandy explains why fluctuating hormones cause migraines, the importance of staying in touch with your symptoms and recommends strategies to put in place to relieve hormone-induced migraines.