TH+ Expert Webinar with Dr Gretchen Hawley: Daily movement with MS and other chronic conditions

An MS diagnosis shouldn’t stop us from living our most active lives. In fact, taking care of our physical and mental well-being is arguably more important for those of us living with conditions like multiple sclerosis. 
Dr Gretchen Hawley is a physical therapy expert with a special interest in the management and wellness of MS patients. She works to help people improve their balance, walking and energy - all things that can be challenging during a relapse or during the course of secondary progressive MS.


During the course of our chat, Dr Gretchen covers:
 • The importance of movement throughout the day for chronic conditions such as MS
• The types of movement to improve: strength, balance, function 
• Common reasons for weakness caused by MS
• Live demonstration of exercises
If you’re living with MS or caring for someone who has the condition, be sure to check out the myMS support programme and other resources on the talkMS hub.

Expert profile:

Dr Gretchen Hawley is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Multiple Sclerosis certified specialist with years of clinical practice experience. She has a special interest in the management and wellness of MS patients, helping to improve balance, walking and energy. She can often be heard speaking at events such as Living Well with MS, sponsored by the MS Society, as well as MS Views and News. She’s a regular contributor on US-based platforms such as the National MS Society, MS Association of America and MS Foundation, and runs her own YouTube and social media channels. Dr Gretchen developed an Online MS Wellness Program specifically geared towards helping people with MS in their own home.

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Last revised: 16 December 2020
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