TH+ Expert Webinar with Vicki Dawson: Strategies for managing sleep

It’s becoming increasingly apparent just how important good quality sleep is to our well-being. When we sleep well, our immune systems are stronger, we’re more mentally resilient and our muscles repair faster. That’s especially the case for children and parents. Covid-19 has seen a rise in sleep difficulties nationally for both children and adults with changes in routine, more screen time and increased anxiety levels all impacting. 

With that in mind, we’re so excited to share our expert webinar on sleep strategies with Vicki Dawson, CEO and founder of The Sleep Charity, with you! 

Vicki has had over 15 years experience working in the sleep field. She set The Sleep Charity up in 2012 to support children with sleep issues and widened it's remit in 2019 to support sleep issues for all. Vicki regularly speaks about sleep in the national media, lectures in sleep at leading universities and sits on the Board of the British Paediatric Sleep Association. She is a member of the British Sleep Society and involved in a number of national research projects. Vicki has trained as a certified CBT-i clinician and has produced the evidence-based, award winning training programmes for the charity. 

In this webinar, she takes us through different kinds of sleep issues, what we can do to ensure a better night for all and how sleeping patterns can change as we age.

Topics covered in this webinar:

• Understanding sleep and sleep issues
• Sleep as an individual experience
• Changing sleep patterns with age
• Impact of pain on sleep and sleep quality
• Practical self-help techniques for better quality sleep

Consultant profile:

Vicki is the CEO and founder of The Sleep Charity. Since the charity’s inception in 2012, Vicki and her team have helped countless families work towards getting a good night’s sleep. The organisation has won various national awards including the Royal Society for Public Health Award for children and young people, and the GSK Impact Award with the King’s Fund.  In June 2020 the charity was awarded the most prestigious award a charity can receive 'The Queen's Award' for voluntary service. 

Coming from an education background, Vicki qualified as a teacher in 1997 - going on to become a Deputy Head and an SEN Advisory Teacher. 

It was when she became a parent that Vicki’s interest in seep began and she now sits on the Board of the British Paediatric Sleep Association and is a member of the British Sleep Society

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