October 2020

talkhealth meets

We spoke with BSF Ambassador,
Rosacea & Skin Positivity
campaigner Lex.

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talkhealth meets

We spoke with the inspirational Chris Freer
about healthy living and positivity
with MS.

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Expert Webinar

We spoke with Dr Cheryl Rezek about 
how to cope with anxiety when 
it rears its ugly head.

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September 2020

talkhealth meets

Health coach Izabella is all about
helping people to lose weight holistically.
Find out how she does it on our IG Live.

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talkhealth meets

Lichen sclerosus advocate Clare discussed support systems, symptoms and life after diagnosis on our IG Live.

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August 2020

talkhealth meets

Watch back at the IG Live chat we had with Ruth on the mental health impact of eczema. 

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talkhealth events 

Our events hub launched with promises of
patient stories, expert webinars and
Instagram Lives - making this the perfect
place to learn from the best!

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