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by gemini62
Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:55 am
Forum: British Skin Foundation - Elderly/Older Skin
Topic: Ear infections
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Ear infections

Had total abdominal hysterectomy 2017 since then the health problems are endless. I have developed eczema in the ears now fungal infection that has gone from the left to right ear. These infections take months to get clear. I’m on canestan and betnesol. I cannot hear it’s muffled. It feels inflamed ...
by gemini62
Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:19 pm
Forum: British Skin Foundation - Sensitive Skin
Topic: Sensitive skin
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Sensitive skin

I have eczema in my ears for sometime and over the last year have had fungal ear infections where i was given canestan and ciloxan firstly for left ear and twice in the right ear. I have constant hissing in right ear which continues for months due to 9 drops per med each day. Is there any form of ea...
by gemini62
Sun Aug 11, 2019 5:16 pm
Forum: Other
Topic: Weight gain menopause
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Re: Weight gain menopause

Hi Ali Yes I follow a Slimming World diet eg vegetables, salads, fruits, fish, and quorn as I’m a pescatarian and have been for 39 years. Limit myself on carbs to porridge with fruit and Nat yoghurt. Lunch is salad with quorn or fish small ‘tea plate’ portion. Dinner is fish and vegetables. Occasion...
by gemini62
Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:58 pm
Forum: hysterectomy
Topic: Insomnia after hysterectomy
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Insomnia after hysterectomy

My total abdominal hysterectomy 2 years ago and not able to sleep. My gp or my gynaecologist never recognise the symptoms of seriously painful cramp spasms in arms and legs until I could not move at all. I thought I had a stroke. After months they gave me oestrogen patches and antidepressant clomipr...
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