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Best sports for improving posture

Postby missisabel on Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:08 pm


I have noticed over the past few years that my posture is getting worse. I suffer from back pain and spend a lot of time at a computer desk at work which I don't think is helping things. Are there any sports that really help posture? I was thinking of starting swimming regularly, or starting a yoga or pilates class, but not sure what would be most beneficial?

Many thanks
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Re: Best sports for improving posture

Postby Ben Katz on Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:09 pm

HI Miss Isabel

Regular exercise is definitely a great idea to help improve posture and maintain your health. Whilst fashions come and go, the evidence suggests that whether or not you exercise is more important than what kind of exercise you do - so the most important thing is to find something that you enjoy. Finding a teacher that you gel with can also make a big difference so don't be afraid to try out different classes.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether it's yoga, pilates, swimming or even ballroom dancing, so long as you keep doing it. Just go for whatever sounds the most fun!

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Re: Best sports for improving posture

Postby Matthew Rogers on Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:07 am

Being physically active is incredibly important for the health of our muscles, bones, joints and associated tissues. The cartilage on the ends of our bones need to be compressed occasionally to stay healthy. We need to put weight through our bones and use our muscles to keep them strong.

While the type of activity depends on your own personal circumstances and individual goals, we should all be performing 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity every week in blocks of 10 minutes or more in order to ensure that we can keep doing more of the things we love.

Osteopaths are highly trained healthcare professionals and can advise you further after conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your current levels of activity and individual needs.

For more information on how to get started and the type of exercises that is right for you, visit the ‘Osteopathy for Health’ section of the Institute of Osteopathy website: ... -activity/
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