Blood in Urine

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by Scrambled on Mon May 03, 2021 12:03 am

Blood in Urine


I'm new here...had some urine tests done recently with my doctor and obgyn. I have some rbc's in the urine. I have been so frantic about this and what is next (more testing probably).

I don't smoke or take any medications and eat healthy. I don't know why this would be happening.

To add to it, I'm also occasionally getting two very long, heavy and painful periods per month now (just turned 50).

Sorry if this has been addressed here before; I'm primarily posting for some support and encouragement.

This has been so isolating in this pandemic and the stress isn't helping to keep on top of health issues, etc.

Also, has anyone lost weight (unintentionally) during the pandemic? This has also happened to me...including loss of appetite.

Thanks ahead for reading and responding.