Apologies if this is inappropriate -- my wife seems to always be tired

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by My_UserName on Tue Jan 25, 2022 8:10 pm

Apologies if this is inappropriate -- my wife seems to always be tired

I married a woman a few years older than I am. I'm 45, she will turn 52 this year. She's a stay at home mom, and she home schools our son.

I'm concerned because she seems like she's constantly tired. She says she has insomnia and doesn't sleep well, but it seems like she NEVER sleeps well -- ever. And it often times affects our intimacy and how often we are intimate. We've been married nearly 18 years, and early on in our marriage we were intimate far more often (probably because it was we were trying to conceive, and could basically be intimate whenever we wanted at home).

But now, it's like she's constantly tired.

It's worrying. She doesn't seem to want to go to a doctor (especially now, with COVID going on).

She thinks that it's partially because she's always had insomnia, but she also thinks she's going through perimenopause.

Could this just be insomnia? I'm hoping it's not anything like sleep apnea.

Any thoughts?