The Hidden Struggles of a Woman with ADHD

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by KristenSwan on Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:17 pm

The Hidden Struggles of a Woman with ADHD

ADHD also looks like me: a 30-year-old woman firmly planted on the couch.

In addition to dealing with the general joys of ADHD, women with the condition also experience a unique set of symptoms and challenges. Understanding them can help ease the guilt and confusion that can come from being a slightly messy woman in a world that seems to demand perfection.

If you didn?t know before, here are just a handful of the hidden struggles of a woman with ADHD.
Boobs, periods, and ADHD

Right out of the gate, girls with ADHD face an uphill battle. That?s because their symptoms are likely to go un- or misdiagnosed, since ADHD looks different in girls than in boys.
Whereas boys usually develop ADHD around age 8, symptoms in girls typically appear at the onset of puberty ? because apparently boobs, menstrual cycles, and eyeliner aren?t enough to throw at a middle schooler.

In women, ADHD frequently presents as inattentiveness rather than hyperactivity ? unless you?re like me and were lucky enough to have both. This means people frequently write our inattention off as a character flaw, rather than a treatable condition.
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