Lumps on labia - help!

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by konpeitokay on Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:18 am

Lumps on labia - help!

First time poster here.

I sometimes get these lumps on my labia? They're almost never painful, and usually burst without being handled too much. (I know you're not supposed to pop anything down there, but when I'm trying to get a better look it's easy to pinch too hard and, oops ^^;;) It's rare for them to have pus too, or if they do it's some weird clear stuff– mostly I just get blood mixed with something else. So it could be pus, but the color of the blood is too strong to make anything else out.

They're always on the right side of my inner labia, never the left. I once had what I believe a nurse called a "vulvar abscess" on that side, so maybe that's partly to blame? I don't think they're Bartholin cysts– they pop up in places besides where Bartholins seem to form. I'm not super worried, but it'd be nice to know what they are? Google has been fairly unhelpful.

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by talkhealth on Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:06 am

Re: Lumps on labia - help!


It's certainly worth going to your local clinic at the hospital to get these checked out if you haven't seen a medical professional before about them. We also suggest that you visit this website run by a great charity which covers lots of typics around the vulval - which may be able to help and answer your questions and concerns.
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