GP test results are all negative but private tests are coming back positive??

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by Cluke1076 on Tue Jul 06, 2021 9:59 am

GP test results are all negative but private tests are coming back positive??

Hello All,

A bit long winded but I'm extremely frustrated with this. All in all been having Ill health and lots of random symptoms going on since end of 2020.

I had various tests done at my gp surgery. Only thing that would come back was thrush. (Although I've only ever had it twice in my life prior.) I'm only young and I was seriously worried about my health. I was having extreme fatigue, brain fog, aches and back pain, skin problems and my rapid weight loss although I'm really petite anyway. Although I was eating super healthily, no alcohol, don't smoke, no drugs. Totally clean diet and exercised weekly.

Still nothing was coming back from tests and I was a shell if a person. Given covid and financially I was declining and stressed from working in the NHS at these times. I felt very alone. I did eventually pay for a private blood test which showed I was severely deficient in vitamin D. I brought this up with my doctor who brushed it off. So I didn't go back feeling defeated and decided just to buy some supplements and try carry on.

Now months down the line I do feel somewhat better but not fully. However I've been experiencing more gynae issues and was referred to the hospital for an appointment. Since my appointment I don't know if the gynaecologist has aggravated me down there and my vagina hasn't been right since 2 weeks ago. I decided just to cover my back and pay out again a lot of money for a complete sti and general sexual health kit. Low and behold it comes back positive for BV. In between awaiting my results from the private test company I went to my GP surgery to get some swabs and urine sample tested just to be certain. However those results have come back today as nothing to report and no further action needed according to the receptionist?

See my frustration! My job now is looking into my medical records because I think they don't believe me because everything is coming back negative from my doctors! How can I have BV and vitamin D deficiency and it's not picked up.

I really don't know what to do I really feel like I'm gonna have a break down. I don't want to be that employee who's like constantly in trouble at work but no one believes my and my doctors aren't helping by seeing my positive test results from the private tests. I still feel like there's something wrong with my internally but it won't be investigated any further because these basic tests are coming back negative.

Any help from someone would be amazing anything would be helpful. I've already tried to defend my case by contacting my doctors myself and speaking to occupational health at work but I feel like it's on deaf ears.

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by MissCandyGirl on Thu Aug 19, 2021 8:45 am

Re: GP test results are all negative but private tests are coming back positive??

I believe you've done the right thing by paying for testing yourself: you're a forward thinker. I think, though, your only option is to stay private. I don't see another choice. Your doctor has not acknowledged your efforts and nothing will change in that regard: so just stay private.

It'll cost but it is the best way to get your health problems treated.

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