Staple Embedded In Ovary From Appendectomy!

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by ThatOneGirL on Mon Sep 06, 2021 10:34 pm

Staple Embedded In Ovary From Appendectomy!

Hello everyone!
So first off, Yes! You read the title correctly. There is an appendectomy staple embedded in my left ovary! And NO! The surgeon who found it did not remove it but found out 7 months later she should have! This is a very long post but do suggest reading if you have the time. Chances are, you will be just as shocked as all the doctors and nurses I have had to explain my ridiculous circumstances too. Please know I also very much appreciate any suggestions about this entire situation. I am at a loss with what I should do or what is the right decision when it comes to the surgery and any advice looking in will help, especially about what happens to your body after having an ovary removed if thats what needs to happen. I'm scared and confused. Angry and frustrated.

I apologize for the length of this post but if you like weird, strange, rare, misdiagnosed for 13 years - medical mysteries that finally get a simple (although complicated) diagnoses -- then oh boy! Do I have a story for you!

Before I get into these details, I want to explain one reason why this is so long and also really hope anyone who comes across this finds the time at some point to actually read it in full. I want others to know what I have gone through so they understand what some medical professionals (not all but many I saw), specifically ones affiliated with very large medical facilities, are capable of if there is a liability issue on the line. It's not a liability if the patient is not told.

After a ridiculous amount of doctors such as obgyns, general surgeons, pain specialists, orthopedics and hip doctors plus countless others could not figure out where the pain and discomfot was coming from or how to fix it, many flat out told me I was an over exaggerating and emotional 20 something year old female, others suggested a psychiatrist, a few said it was neurological so blamed my epilepsy by saying my brain was tricking my body to have false pain that was not real, a couple asked if I was making stories up for pain medication, a few gave random diagnosis that is impossible to prove or disprove and one of the worst ones was a snobby pain specialist I saw at age 23 who shot me with 5 cortisone shots and 2 surgical setting steroid injections in 10 months. I was told later once I ended up with tissue damage that you shouldn't have more than 3 in a year. Lol. Goodness.

This also does not have a fairytail treatment or ending and the worst part for me is the fact a surgeon could have fixed this in 2008 without the risk of serious complications that is a very big possible outcome now. He ignored what he saw because he did not want to get caught up in a lawsuit, having to go against a different surgeon who screwed up 6 years before.

I am here to seek any guidance, knowledge, personal advice or even just your 2 cents in general regardless if you have had to get an ovary removed. What are your thoughts after reading my story? If you were me, what would you do? If I were your mother, sister, daughter or friend, what advice would you give me?
I have questions with no answers really, so any kind of support I will absolutely take. The questions I have are mainly what to expect after an ovary is removed and what kind of symptoms (mental, emotional and physical aspects including if I should expect life long pain). I am so scared but may be more scared of this turning into an emergency if I do not suck it up and do the surgery. because I am very lost and confused when it comes to having this done.

I appreciate anyone taking the time to hear a fellow female who is very scared, nervous, confused and not sure if what I decide even matters at this point. I have people there for me but they do not know the feelings I have. They understand this is a huge mess but not understanding why I am so hesitant on having the surgery.
So here I go, venting and I promise you will be like "what the heck? How??".
Everyone's reaction, specifically medical professionals, are at a complete loss over all. I am scared they will end up having to remove my ovary and do not want to chance early menopause at 34 and just as scared about what losing 1 ovary could mean....but even more frightened of what will happen if this is left inside me.
Also, please note I am not looking for any medical advice considering I do know I need to (and very much have) seek my own treatments by medical professionals!

So let me start off with what is going on so you readers do not become bored with this post right off the bat waiting for me to explain the punch here:

In January of this year, a surgeon found an appendectomy staple dislodged and embedded into my left ovary! 13 years of pain that was misdiagnosed as orthopedic injury! Surgeon did not remove it, she was short at the follow up and sent me back to referring obgyn who said it's not the source of my pain! Well, it definitely is my source of pain, obviously. She gave me false medical advice and even worse diagnosis. 2 urgent cares and the ER was not happy with the way either doctor handled this.

So now, my ovary is at risk of being removed right now and if I do not get the surgery, it will most likely cause more damage to the ovary or possible obstruction/tears to other areas if it hasn't already since January considering pain is much worse and now shooting into my back, down my left leg, into my ankle constantly. Sometimes dull stabbing but several times a day I am now floored because it is so sharp for 3-5 seconds and feel like I am going to pass out.

I just can't believe this happened. So many red flags that went off in my head after remembering specific moments of doctors turning me away or acting very strange between a 13 year time frame that I had no control over, considering I had no clue what was going on with me medically. I knew something was very wrong. I absolutely did and no one other than my mother actually believed me.

When I was told about the staple while coming out of anesthesia, the first thing I said was "I'm not shocked because it all makes sense now". I was also told no one can assure me this will help with my pain and possible life long pain even with ovary removal due to the area. Has anyone experienced pain after having an ovary removed and not due to post op? This is very rare, but if there are any women here that have also had any kind of foreign metal object embedded material inside her ovary...Please! Do reach out to me because I feel so alone considering the only thing I have came across about this is on online searches is my own post on another site with a fake name back in January lol

▪︎▪︎How it was found:
Spring 2020 I picked up something very heavy and I knew immediately I made a terrible mistake, so tried to slowly bend down to let it go. I felt a very warm burning feeling in and around the area of my left ovary, a strange click-pop sensation in the same place and then the worst stabbing feeling I have ever felt in my life. I am told it probably embedded more at that time since it was already embedded. Have you ever stabbed yourself by accident with a sewing needle or maybe stepped on a blackberry bush thorn with your bare foot? That immediate sharp shocking pain? It was exactly like that but worse, constant and could hardly take a breath thinking I was going to forsure pass out. I laid on my garage floor thinking how I was a moron to think I could lift 500 or so pounds and in the fetal position, honestly thinking I just ruptured my ovary or something very bad happened. It was painful where I could not move for about 45 minutes but every 5 minutes or so when I tried getting up, the intense shooting stab pain would hit me again shooting into my lower back and down my leg into my ankle for 3-5 seconds. 3-5 seconds may not seem like a long time but it definitely is when it's*that bad and even worse it happened every 5 or so minutes! I finally managed to wobble myself inside nearly an hour later and called my obgyn explaining I thought it was my ovary like maybe a cyst ruptured or something without other physical symptoms but then I thought maybe a hernia because it sure felt it like how people explain it but thought maybe one hitting my ovary.

Saw Obgyn 2 months later who was convinced it was a hernia due to a small lump she felt in my left pelvic area but definitely much higher up so not where I was feeling pain. Later the surgeon she sent me to removed a lipoma. During this 'in office dissection' she told me that another much deeper indentation showed on my scan, she was not sure what it was and could not get to it in office and had to put me out to look. She began acting strange after that scan showed the indentation and was very hesitant with me about doing the laparoscopy, mind you. I thought it was due to the epilepsy but oh no...I now realize she must've knew what it was considering I'm sure surgeons know what staples look like on scans and she did not want to be the one to medically find it during the laparoscopy. She tried to send me to a pain clinic and not do the laparoscopy so I just broke down like an idiot crying and begging her to do the surgery because I was in so much pain at this point and knew for sure she would find something. For the record, I cant remember the last time I have cried. This is how frustrated I am now.

So fast forward to January 2021, I woke up from anesthesia asking if they found a hernia. The nurse said "No...but she did remove some minor scarring and um...well, your appendectomy...the staple dislodged and it embedded in your left ovary" and she told me the surgeon did not remove it. I asked why and she said the doctor will be in soon to explain. Fyi, I got no explanation why. The nurse called my mom who was sitting in the parking lot. My mom yelled "SHE HAS A WHAT INSIDE WHAT?" Very loud so I heard her over the phone and she began coughing and choking aggressive and I thought "dang! Im glad shes not allowed in her due to covid regulations because she'd be flipping out" LOL but later she told me she was eating when she answered that call and she legitimately began choking on a chicken nugget when the nurse told her about the staple LOL! She's very frustrated as well because she's always believed me and got more mad at doctors than I think I was for not listening about my pain for the last 13 years.

Let me tell you...the surgeon did not explain anything to me. She was scared to even acknowledge it and never looked me in the eye afterwards. She kept pushing her body backwards while stretching her arms over her head and looking up with her head tilted upward to avoid eye contact constantly while I tried to get her opinon. She became very awkward, alot of "I dont know" responses and told me I had to follow up with the OBGYN because she wouldn't touch it. I asked how it got there, how long does it look like it was there and I said this is obviously my source of pain that I've have never felt before to this extent in 13 years and all her answers were "I don't know. You have to ask the obgyn". I see the obgyn and she tells me it's not my source of pain, it dislodged in 2002 BEFORE I left the hospital! and I said "oh no no..nope no way. I forgot to tell you I had a laparoscopy in 2008. That obgyn said everything looked fine so either he lied and didn't tell me it was there or it dislodged later...right?" and she over-talked me, got very defensive and said "Well I guess I don't know then! This is not your source of pain. I will not remove the staple if it's not causing you harm. You are experiencing IBS and pelvic floor dysfunction spasms". I left that awkward and terrible appointment so frustrated and mad that I couldn't even talk. I left with 2 referrals....1 to a gastro for IBS and PT for PFD....what??
A little TMI here but, what I explained to her is during menstruation but specifically ovulation there are times it floors me since spring 2020 so ya know...It's not that I can't go to the bathroom, I try hard to avoid it if possible during that time of the month because of that clicking sensation that stabs and stings. I feel if I push it's going to pop my ovary out or something and now know what I am feeling is the staple moving and also embedding further a little more and a little more. With every push, sneeze, cough, grand mal seizure, bump in the road or clumsy fall I am known to do, it's either embedding more or moving. This is not just what I feel and know to be true but other doctors have said it as well. Both dealt with this terribly. I do not have IBS or PFD. If I have symptoms mimicking it probably is due to a metal forgein object in my ovary! When I called the gastro clinic to make an appointment, the obgyn said absolutely nothing about the staple and the receptionist was confused, gasped while trying to comprehend someone just explained she had a staple in her ovary and asked what am I expecting the gastrointestinal doctor to do. I said I didn't know and she had to put me on hold to ask if he would see me. I have an appointment on the 13th of October but will likely cancel.
And no to PT....just. No.

So me being an anxious epileptic thinking if I go anywhere else, all doctors will back a surgeon and obgyn up with whatever they said and also thought the ER would just get irritated with me if I came in for what? medical advice? Honestly, what were they supposed to do? but instead, when I did end up there, they were pretty irritated I still have it in me and it was not removed when found. 7 whole months later as of mid August, I'm feeling disgusting with some discomfort and of course pain due to it being a day before my ovulation count down alarm goes off but for about 3 months or so I felt it was doing ok for the most part. Manageable and tolerable as long as I took it easy. All I have been doing though is laying. I cant take my garbage can to the corner, pick up groceries or gallon jugs, I cant exercise or anything so I am going nuts....and then one day, I walked up my stairs to my room and felt a burning in my ovary but just for a split second so kind of ignored it, then a minute later I bent down to pick up a small pile of books and guess what happened? Spring 2020 all over again except this time it was so bad I honestly thought without a doubt in my mind fully knowing I have an embedded staple in my left ovary and was told by the surgeon at that point in the follow up visit who was hesitant saying "possibility" when asked if this could embed further, my brain immediately went to internal bleeding due to the staple either embedding further so had this visual of it turning sideways slicing my ovary open or thought it was obstructing important things surrounding so of course, anxiety takes over and I come to the very irrational conclusion that I was definitely dying on my bedroom floor from internal bleeding and a staple would be the death of me. Then later I thought "well duh...the obgyn definitely thought this was possible and tried pawning me off to a GI doctor to get a colonoscopy to check for obstructions without verbally saying it outloud"....the ER also thought this too. As of right now, no one is sure but they keep saying it's a possibility I could have small obstructions that aren't life threatening yet (keyword: yet.) but causing the worse pain.

So anyways, I had to call my mom who took me to the ER. I have an overwhelming feeling of dread, frustration, obvious anger once you hear the problems wrapped up into 13 years in detail and really my only treatment plan was terrible advice and I just feel incredibly defeated for several reasons. All the medical professionals I have seen and spoke to about this who were walking past at the ER and overheard me speaking to a doctor, nurse or receptionist all have the same exact reaction especially when seeing my laparoscopy picture of shock, confusion and honestly I think many are over all curious considering they never heard of a staple dislodging into an ovary. I am at the point now when someone asks what's happening, I take a breath, smile, giggle a little and then begin repeating what I have explained 100 times since 3 weeks ago, let alone January. There are 2 reactions, either gasping with most likely an 'O' face I can't see under the masks and then a million questions or just confusion with frowning eyebrows of disbelief because they think I misunderstood what a doctor told me or think I am over exaggerating until I explain 3 more times and show my laparoscopy picture...and probably look up the first surgeons notes. I can not blame them! This is ridiculous!
All have said the staple has to come out, with a high probability that there will be complications so my left ovary will need to be removed but the ER doctor kept saying from what he sees on the laparoscopy picture, he doesn't understand why she did not remove it if she was worried about liability since I signed consent paperwork she had to fix anything she found because if it comes down to removing the ovary, I have another one. I got stuck in thoughts after he said this because it's true but I also realized I have no clue what happens to one's body or mind if an ovary is removed. Doctors (especially ones who do not have ovaries) tend to think more logically when it comes to obvious treatment but never really think of what can arise after I do not mean this hateful what so ever, the ER doctor was great but I just want to make sure I do not rush to my decision. One nurse was totally confused thinking I had a staple that was superficial in my pelvic outer skin and asked me to lift my shirt and then we were both confused. Then 4 more nurses were confused and then I understood why. Everyone thought I was coming in for post op pain at first because they thought the surgeon removed the embedded staple and my ovary obviously, she was supposed to remove it which is obvious since literally all of them did not think I still had it inside me. When everyone was on the same page, they either gasped, started whispering or asked me why she did not remove it and how it got from the right side of my body to the left ovary. I have no answers! Not one person so far I have spoken to about this understands. The ER doctor before discharging me said "so, it's obvious what's going on here...the surgeon and obgyn don't want to be involved and are throwing you at random doctors because you are a liability. You need to go find a surgeon, specifically obgyn, and you need to find one by yesterday". I was shocked he actually said it to be honest because typically they don't care because you are the 20th patient they have seen. Everyone cared this time around so I was staring at them thinking "why are you being so nice? whats your angle here?" lol. I had to find a general surgeon because not 1 obgyn will see me once I explain my situation. Nonsense. He also said "what the hell is a gastrointestinal doctor going to do? I dont get why she's sending you there and if it's a colonoscopy to check for damage, wouldn't it be more plausible to remove the staple? You can't keep getting put out over and over for surgical procedures over this" and I agree 100%! He also said most likely it will end up an emergency situation. He also said it might be easy to pluck out without terrible complications but this was him going by the January laparoscopy picture so who knows how much deeper it is now.

▪︎▪︎Appendectomy & 13 years of misdiagnosed Pain:
I had my appendix removed in 2002 at age 15. Always had discomfort in my left pelvic area by the time I came home a few days later but the doctors kept saying it was the cyst on my right ovary, it didn't make sense to me because pain was always on my left side. They called it referred pain. I began having a fair amount of discomfort and pain by 2008 with terribly heavy periods where I needed a tampon and a pad so I had to see an obgyn surgeon since birth control wasn't helping.

▪︎▪︎Obgyn 2008 Laparscopy
In January 2008, I saw an obgyn surgeon who did exploratory laparoscopic surgery who said everything looked fine and nothing seen to suggest my pain. This guy was also terribly awkward immediately after my surgery that my mom even noticed and asked me what his was problem was because he was very short and rushed out of the room after handing me my laparoscopy photos. One notable thing I vividly remember was my mom and I both noticed the laparoscopy photos he gave me of my ovaries were both over exposed, blurry and looked very small or taken far away. I just pulled them out last week and sure enough, I cant make anything out of my ovaries. My bladder, uterus and all other photos he took looked normal and clear but not my ovaries. I remember my mom saying "well I guess we wouldnt know if there was something wrong. I cant make anything out but a bright white glowing circle! Your laparoscopy pictures when you had your appendix removed doesn't look like this". I have always had that memory of my mother saying this word for word stuck in my head over the years and now, this sentence haunts me and when I showed them to her last week again she said "I can't make *bleep* out! I couldn't see a staple even if its there! I can see your other 2 laparoscopy pictures perfect so what the hell? He was hiding it!".

This embedded staple in my ovary was misdiagnosed for 13 years as an orthopedic hip issue when I always said it was my ovary since the very beginning but by 2008, doctors from obgyns to orthopedics and hip specialists kept saying I was confusing where my pain was really located due to it being nerve pain and many said what I felt was my ovary was really referred pain from my outer hip shooting inward and not the other way around like I always said it was. There is no way no one didn't catch this on CT, MRI or 2008 laparoscopy. They also threw it in the typical "its sciatica" category and at one point 2 doctors diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome with no legit proof to back it up at all and another 2 doctors said fibromyalgia later because that's an easy diagnosis to give anyone.
It3s a catch 22 and I feel doomed no matter which way I go. I see a different general surgeon who I trust a lot with much more experience than the woman who found the staple. I think she just joined this practice and is probably a great surgeon when it comes to a gallbladder removal or a hernia repair but she did not know how to handle a curve ball like my ovary. This Friday I will see the other surgeon and have a feeling since he's asking me to come in for an hour and 45 minute appointment after he has looked at my scans and the laparoscopy photos, he will want to schedule me for the surgery and explain the risks of possibly ovary removal. I may chicken out and avoid this as long as possible. I am 34, epileptic, I do not have children, I have severe anxiety which many are actually partial seizures masking as anxiety, I just found out I suddenly have PCOS out of no where (fyi, about 30% of those with temporal lobe epilepsy suffers from PCOS so heads up with you or a family member who is epileptic...I found this information on the epilepsy foundation and very interesting!). I apparently only have PCOS on the left side that the staple is in out of no where, another thing I find bizzare about this but maybe it can be in just one ovary? I can not take either estrogen or prestrogene as both interact with my seizure medication and my blood pressure. I have read the very few studies they have done on unilateral oophorectomy and one stated that cardiovascular, neurological issues and mortality rates has also been statistically shown to be higher in women with unilateral oophorectomy but it also explained it was unclear if this was due to removing the ovary is general or due to removing the ovary because of tumors or just a coincidence considering they did not have many patients to study at the time of the study. I am afraid I will be that statistic of the percentage of women who end up in early menopause immediately at 34 because I have some bad luck when it comes to possible side effects, symptoms or complications due to anything medical.

▪︎▪︎2014 Turned Away by Ortho Surgeon:
A big red flag I immediately thought of when I was told I had a staple in my ovary. I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon who ordered more scans in 2014. Bone, CT and MRI. When I went to the appointment, he said nothing to me when walking in the room, sat down, pulled my MRI up, pointed to the exact spot where my pain and ovary is and then did a circle motion with a pen around it. He then turned his head and look right at me. It was really awkward and silent. I said "I have no idea what I am looking at. I can't read scans. What are you seeing?" Then he got up, turned the screen off and said he can't help me, he suddenly didn't take my insurance (I have good insurance so thats a lie) and then he walked out of the room. I followed him out asking if he can tell me what he saw so I could find a doctor who is willing to help me and he walked into his office and shut the door. Then the nurse told me he wouldnt see me again for this. This is something I have always thought about for years and always bothered me because I knew he saw the issue and was the only one to ever slightly acknowledge it was able to be seen on a scan, whatever it was.

2 ½ weeks out of the month (roughly every other week give or take) it's very miserable during my period but so much worse during my ovulation where I have constantly complained for the last 3 years it felt like I was on my period but not at the same time. Very difficult to explain. I hate describing it as stabbing because you always hear people explaining normal periods as stabbing pain but this is more like stabbing with shards of glass in my ovary. Its to the point where the first 2 days I have to get in the bath ever 1-2 hours during the night and just make a bed on my bathroom floor because I can't make it up or down my stairs to my bedroom and I'm nauseous or vomiting at random, so best to plant myself where I will end up. It's ridiculous to even acknowledge this is all due to a staple but makes perfect sense to me now! Then nearly 3 weeks ago, it was 10x worse when it turned into "oh my bleeping bleeeep! I swear on everything I have internal bleeding in my lower left stomach and into my back right now". It was absolutely outrageous and not looking forward to this coming week because it's going to be exactly the same as last month or slightly worse starting with my period. I'm legitimately nervous because it just keeps getting worse.

I also wanted to explain in general with what the heck happened to me so others who may have this issue won't feel like they are in the twilight zone if they google in attempts to find someone else with a dislodged staple in an ovary over an appendectomy staple 20 or more years ago or any other organ removal that require surgical staples to be left inside the body. Pay attention to your body with pain if it feels off and acknowledge the old surgery ways when they used staples in appendectomies I believe they stopped at least 10 or so years ago if not earlier. This is like 1 in 3 billion chance apparently lol but just in case 5 years down the road someone gets this diagnosis and searching aimlessly online, yes I am here! This happened to me. These staples can dislodge (rarely) and typically dislodge into the abdominal wall and definitely not in ovaries or other side or the body. They typically dislodge when a surgeon is rushing and does not double check the staple is in the same spot they put it before stitching you up. This is why its crucial they double or triple check before finishing. Also did I mention I just read online the other day that the surgeon in 2002 that did the appendectomy was actually a partner at the surgery place that I saw the first surgeon who did the laparoscopy who did not want to deal with me after finding it? Theres another reason why my surgeon did not want to get involve and shut down with "I dont know" and "ask the obgyn" answers. Just crazy. I highly doubt there is another known case of what happened to me you guys...I even called obgyns out of state and its the same reaction, no one is understanding how it even happened. I actually have been very closed off about this after 7 months of knowing and for as much as I am positive, I have not been optimistic about this at all since a few weeks when I finally was told its serious and needs to come out. I really do want others to understand what happened because I was very naive listening to the two doctors who were dealing with this between 2020-2021 and they handled this TERRIBLY. They were worried about a liability more than my well being. I was told this was not my source of pain, its not causing issues and the obgyn was very defensive when I tried getting answers. Both her and the surgeon shut me down in different but similar ways.

It was afraid to get other opinions thinking they didn't want to be involved and would go through useless appointments. Considering the outrageous pain I have had this past month alone that floors me, where I do what I call "walkin down the stairs walk" and look like a psychopath slowly getting lower and lower, end up squatting and holding onto my pelvic while trying to wait it out on the floor of the canned goods aisle at walmart or crouched down next to my mailbox when attempting to get my mail. I am a bit mad now after being told what was found was not an issue, posed no threat to my body or over all general well being and not my source of pain. I can tell you I am probably the only known case with proof so it has to be acknowledged and it's very frightening to think if the general surgeon did decide to not do the laparoscopy like she originally planned to do, I would be completely in the dark about what my pain was still. Considering all the doctors, nurses therefore the surgery center, surgeons, many receptionists, 2 urgent cares and a large amount of people working at the ER that I went to are completely blown away this even happened, not to mention the obgyn I saw and also the surgeon kind of just wanted me out of their life and really did refuse to help after they found it.

So if you got this far in my post, thank you! Let me say I am here not to just share my story but very much came here seeking the advice from those who have had no choice but to remove an ovary to either better their quality or life or no choice due to an emergency situation. I am stuck. I came across this site on a search (I admit, a slightly desperate search) seeking advice from others. I am hoping others who have had an unilateral oophorectomy can help with some questions like, does anyone know if removing only the left ovary has certain aspects of symptoms compared to the right? I have read that the left ovary has a main vein that goes to the kidneys and the right ovary's main vein goes to the heart. Is there any major differences if one is removed?

Any information someone can provide will help me feel a little better with some feeling of control with my decision at the appointment I have Friday. I have seen this surgeon before a few years ago. He is an older, very nice man but also very quiet and doesnt really explain much so considering that and also he is not an obgyn, I really am in the dark with all of this since seriously over 30 obgyns I have called in my whole state, countless others outside of my state and only 1 in a different time zone actually decided to speak with me. All others would no return my voicemail, receptionist would go quiet on me and whisper to someone or my favorite....directing me to a different obgyn clinic that I already called and who already directed me else where so it was a never ending cycle of not saying "you are a liability and sounds like a lawsuit. sorry! go figure it out!"

Another factor I would like to explain before I finish up this post is I have refactory (what they call medication resistant uncontrolled) epilepsy. My very first legit known and witnessed grand mal seizure stands out (as do others) but this one*was very aggressive and concerns my ovary. Why it stands out is because it happened 3 months after the OBGYN laparoscopy I had in first ever grand mal. This could have been a huge coincidence as I would have been out to have TLE with full grand mals most likely I am told but the issue with this as well as MANY more grand mals where nearly all who witnessed them said I was complaining less than a minute before the seizure that my ovary or pelvic hurt and complained it was shooting into my leg while holding my pelvic and I also argue I didnt have a seizure (that is normal for even the most worn in epileptic!) but while arguing I did not have one, I always say something like "No! My ovary was stabbing and then my leg started hurting!". That first one I had in 2008, my boyfriend said I began slurring while saying "ow ow ow" and holding my pelvic area and then he said he ran to me when he noticed I was walking off, dragging my left leg and stomping with my right. This could easily just be my brain misfiring into a seizure but find it so odd about the pain I complain about so I do believe it is related, if not just due to pain triggering some seizures but what if the staple is sitting on a nerve, cutting off blood supply for a moment or hormones do something weird due to this and triggering seizures, like hormones, blood supply being cut off and nerves are known to do in epilepsy?
As a woman, we all know what ovary pain feels like, right? I mean, its a very specific discomfort with shooting of cramps and pains while other times its its not that bad. Then for many others its completely unrealistic to attempt to go to a store or you live in the bathtub. My pain although was always constant, was for the most part manageable for a majority of the month...Well, somehow not one doctor would listen to me after that laparoscopy in 2008. Not. One. This ended up being misdiagnosed as a hip injury that I argued about and the doctors just assumed it was due to an epileptic seizure. The issue is, literally 13 years I have dealt with this being misdiagnosed as an orthopedic injury that no one could ever figure out. It honestly got exhausting because I was bounced around to so many orthopedic surgeons, had a ton of bone, CT and MRIs but nothing ever showed....until I realize now there was always an indentation in my ovary that was not mentioned on the scans impressions. Why you ask? Simple. The doctors who ordered these scans sent the referrals to radiology that they were looking for an orthopedic hip issue so even though these scan clearly show indentations in my ovary, it was never noted because oh well, we arent looking for that....right...? Outrageous. I figured this out one time when I had an mri of my shoulder. The first ortho said it was fine and I just sprained it. Well, I dislocated my sternaclavic bone (the 2 small round bones that you feel where your collarbones are) I found out several weeks later. The other doctor I saw noticed the dislocation immediately on my mri and told me but it was not on the impression by the radiologist because the order was looking for a shoulder injury. Really makes me mad.

So, I will stop my post here. I apologize for it being so long! Trust me...I could have gone on with much more but this is enough lol

Thank you so much for listening. Any suggestions, information from those with personal experience, any information at all with an ovary removed or just anyone wanting to chime in on this at all will be greatly appreciated! Seriously. I will feel so much better with others input on my situation.

My outlook keeps going from "obviously you have to do this surgery to remove the staple with a high chance the ovary will be removed" and then other times I think "I'll just suck it up until I have no choice but to remove it". I kno, it's a dumb thought to wait it out but the absolute chaos in my head arguing with myself with what to do because I have no answers when it comes to pros and cons, most importantly with the possibly outcomes with removing an ovary, its dreadful either way. To know most likely I will go into a surgery with 2 ovaries and coming out with 1 with a possibility of still having pain for the rest of my life apparently is incomprehensible because of the fact this could have been forsure 100% avoidable if that selfish idiot in 2008 just removed it right then! It definitely would have been easy to pluck out at that time. This is absolutely devastating to me.