PCOS but not really?

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by wellbeingtiff on Sat Dec 19, 2020 1:50 pm

PCOS but not really?


I am new to the forums & am so glad I found this site, because I really wanted to learn more about women's health and also share my experience to get insight / feedback / advice.

I am an 18 year old girl who has experienced irregular periods since I was about 13, along with this I experienced weight gain, feelings of fatigue and a low sex drive. The weight gain isnt severe but I have increased fat storage around the stomach, hips and bum which doesnt feel normal, I am 66kg and healthy weight for my height is 55-60kg. While staying at home for a few months because of the covid outbreak my periods regulated and I got a healthy period every month. I recently returned to work and have not gotten a period for two weeks and am feeling upset and worried again..

I went to the doctor and womens health specialist a year ago where they suspected I may have PCOS. I did tests and my hormones and blood were healthy but then I did an internal examination to find that I do have a number of cysts on my right ovaries.

I want to improve my diet because I know that helps with PCOS but I want to know if theres any advice, tips that can help me with my emotional and physical health

Thanks everyone,

Tiff :)

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by talkhealth on Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:48 pm

Re: PCOS but not really?

Hello Tiff

Thank you for your post. Looking at lifestyle factors including diet and exercise is a great way to start thinking about improving your health. We believe that the most important part of examining any programme around changing your weight - whether it be to lose or gain weight, is that you look firstly at the emotional side of why and how you eat. If you look at our recent webinar with Sophie Medlin, she explains very clearly how important this is. We also have a nutritional forum available where you post your questions to Sophie specifically on this matter - so please do take a look.

We wish you well.
talkhealth team

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