Help me figure out why I have vaginal pain!

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by AMementoMori on Sat Jan 30, 2021 1:54 am

Help me figure out why I have vaginal pain!

Knew to this forum and hoping I can find insight here. I’ll get right to the point- about two weeks ago I was experiencing pain in my clitoris. It wasn’t *terrible* but every few hours I would get a little zing that shot from my clitoris down into my body. I waited a few days to see if symptoms persisted- the zing pain went away but definitely was uncomfortable and had swelling right at the top of my labia, just below my clitoris. Pain is sort of an ache with no other symptoms. Touching the area even with tissue paper is very uncomfortable. I haven’t changed anything like laundry detergent and I only wash with water since I felt symptoms.
Fast forward 12 days with pain/irritation persisting (not as bad, but still present). I don’t have health insurance but decided this was important and had lasted long enough I should get checked.
I was examined and the doc was fairly certain I had a yeast infection, even though the only symptom I have was the pain described above.
She said to confirm, she’d send a sample to the lab for confirmation of the yeast, possible bacteria, as well as Trich. She gives me a script for Fluconizol and sends me on my way.
The next day, yesterday, they call to say my labs are follow up from the doc, nothing!
I wrote the doctor today to ask about next steps since labs for yeast/bacteria/trich were negative, and I’m basically at square one!

Does anyone have advice or has experienced these symptoms? I feel frustrated spending precious money just to be where I was before the doctor appt. Would love any input here.

Thank you in advance!