Be your own creation

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by RebeccaD on Wed Oct 21, 2015 3:14 pm

Be your own creation

Comparing yourself to other people will never make you happy. There will always be too many others who are:

more beautiful
more intelligent
more charitable
more popular
more successful at work
fitter & healthier
better mothers, wives, sisters & friends
have closer families
better cooks etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc exponentially.
What’s even worse is defining yourself according to the opinions of others, from which you base these comparisons. And even worse than that is that these “others” create definitions that are false and totally unachievable.

Looking outside to validate your self-worth is dangerous.

We all do it. Putting only the best of ourselves on show. It’s fantastic to be the best that you can be but only if you’re doing it for yourself. If it’s only to get approval from others because you have no personal sense of self-worth, your happiness is no longer in your own hands.

I love my wigs, I know I look good in my wigs and it doesn’t hurt me if you judge me for wearing wigs. It’s lovely to get compliments, but I don’t need them to feel good. Now if I based my self-confidence on the opinions of “others” (societies teeny tiny definition of beauty mostly established by massive companies selling us stuff) I’d probably never leave the house.
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by danakerr on Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:41 am

Re: Be your own creation

Most of the time, being physically attractive gives confidence. And with confidence, you can do so many good things with others. I do not totally agree to people who says that you should not mind people telling you that you are not perfect, that you have to work on your physical appearance. For me, if it start to bother you and you are beginning to hate yourself because of your appearance, then, you should act to improve it. Not for the sake of pleasing other people, but making yourself feel good.

Alopecia is a very depressing condition and I salute the people who face and battles this condition. There is nothing wrong with wearing wigs. If you are happy with it, then go for it.

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by ericpartlu on Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:11 am

Re: Be your own creation

That's really excellent suggestion, how to make yourself be happy. The first bad phase is started when i start comparing with others. It's make be feel bad if other are much superior than us in many situations. So be in yourself, if you want to be happy and stress free. I appreciate your suggestion and ideas, How you facing your Alopecia in a positive ways by using the wigs. Most of the peoples who are facing alopecia problems, going to be much depressed, If they don't recover from it.

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