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Perimenopause symptoms :(

Postby donaldysmith44 on Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:34 am

Anyone here had experienced a sudden onset of a serious dry eye at the beginning of your perimenopause? I had tried several eye drops, but none of them worked. I'm also suffering from mild cataract and experiencing difficulty in perusing the screen. My vision is very poor. Likewise experiencing serious hormonal depression and relentless hot-cold flashes. Anyone else have these issues? I'm planning to have a cataract surgery with the help of an expert in Evergreen eye care clinic, Washington. Since I have dry eyes, I wonder whether I'm an eligible candidate for the surgery. Do hormones have any role in eye problems? I'm not able to endure light or the wind. What is my real problem? Is it curable? Or will remain the same forever?
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