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Dilators for vaginismus and atrophy exercises

Postby Greg_j_W on Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:43 pm

Hi there, my wife has recently been diagnosed with vaginismus and atrophy by the doctor, and recommended by him to get dilators.
She has tasked me to research, find, buy and help her in this, which in my caring love for her naturally is a pleasure.

The task i thought would be not too difficult, although after spending almost all day trying to fathom, i find myself seeking advice so am here.

With vaginismus and atrophy she suffers dryness and pain if we attempt sex, so for quite some time we've entertained other means of intimacy, that don't include penetrative sex due to in not be a joy for either of us.

Cutting to the chase my question and quandary is… In looking at dilators today and understanding i believe they are to stretch, strengthen and help rejuvenate the vagina, i look at them and question the latest in the sets.
Most sets the largest dilator measure between 28mm to 36 at best, which speaking in frank terms won’t be representative of my girth. Earlier i was in the bathroom looking for examples, and for the purpose of this exercise… really, i aroused myself to measure, wondering if I was under an illusion!
In measuring, my girth is a little over 50mm, so wonder, are there dilators which go to this size, am I under a miss-understanding?

Please help, any useful advice would be most appreciated, thank You, Greg
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Re: Dilators for vaginismus and atrophy exercises

Postby psoriatical on Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:04 am

I know this is an old thread but for anyone who searches, here's our findings.
Bought my wife some off Amazon, pink and in 4 sizes and for a time they worked. the largest at first wouldn't go in and caused pain but eventually it went in fine with little pain.
our problems began when any lube we used found its way into her wee hole and caused irritation and burning and sometimes infections.
she is shaped in a way that anything larger than a thumb causes her urethra to be forced upwards into the vagina so it then gets any lube rubbed or forced into it.
the last two years she had gone as dry as a desert and every lube weve tried gives her irritation/infection
what makes matters worse is she is on cancer medication which blocks oestrogen and she cant use any creams with hormones in them.
she is about to see a urologist for a cystoscopy.
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Re: Dilators for vaginismus and atrophy exercises

Postby talkhealth on Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:20 am

Dear psoriatical

Thank you for your post, I am sure our members will find it useful.

Kind regards
talkhealth team
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