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Vaginal Dryness and Sex

Postby Goddesslily on Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:08 pm

I am weening myself of the Estrogel (HRT) and now i'm experiencing extreem vaginal dryness and it's actually making sexual intercourse with my husband very painful. I'm using a vaginal lubricant but it doesn't seem to help, because I know the problem is a symptom from menopause. When I was using the Estrogel twice daily, I literally dripping wet down there all the time and I loved having sex with my husband. But I took myself off of the Estrogel because I was tired of the weight gain, now i'm experiencing all the symptoms, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and night sweats. I wrote all about the Estrogel in the HRT discussion if you want to read about it and the side effects.
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Re: Vaginal Dryness and Sex

Postby Elase$124 on Wed Nov 14, 2012 6:12 pm

Some people might think they'll never need a Natural Lubricant but the vast majority of people need a little help on occasion.

Sex toys can also tend to dry the vagina a little - although the materials that natural products are made from do this less than those made from jelly and latex.

Water based lubricants are safe for all sexual activities. They do have a tendency to dry out a little at which point re-application or a little sprinkle of water to re-activate helps. They are highly suitable for silicone toys, and are very easy to wash off.

Silicone lubricants, while unsuitable for silicone toys, do have the major advantage of a little going a very long way. They also last a very long time. Very enjoyable to use for any fun not involving a silicone toy.

Oil based lubes are a third alternative which although unsuitable for latex condoms, is suitable for all toys, as well as vaginal sex. Its thicker consistency makes it particularly suitable for play with anal toys.
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Re: Vaginal Dryness and Sex

Postby robbiedog on Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:01 pm

I had extreme vaginal dryness to such an degree that it was affecting me not only in my sex life but also I thought I was getting water infections so much so that I was in agony...It all turned out to be vaginal dryness, I had pain down below so bad that I could'nt sleep and urinated about 4 times a night..I went to the docs for what felt like the 100th time and saw a different doctor who prescribed me hormone pessaries, WOW !! What a revelation it has been!!! My sex life has restarted (sorry to be so graphic lol) and I have no pain..Hopes this helps anyone who was struggling like me :)
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Re: Vaginal Dryness and Sex

Postby David147 on Sat May 02, 2015 7:15 am

he natural moistness of the vagina prevents its sides from rubbing against each other as you move about during the day. The vaginal moisture is also slightly acidic, and this helps to keep infections such as thrush at bay. This acidity is caused by the ‘friendly’ bacteria that live in the vagina and help to keep it healthy.

Vaginal moisture is mainly produced by the cervix (neck of the womb) at the top of the vagina and eventually oozes out of the vagina – some vaginal discharge is normal. This means that there is a very slow flow of moisture through the vagina, and this keeps it clean, as it moves dead cells and the remains of the menstrual period to the outside. On average, a woman discharges 2 g of dead cells and 3 g of mucus through the vagina each day

During sex. When you are sexually excited, two special glands at the entrance of the vagina, called Bartholin’s glands, produce extra secretions. The moisture from these glands is more slimy than the moisture from the cervix, because its purpose is to provide good lubrication during intercourse. Its musky smell is the result of millions of years of evolution to increase female attractiveness to the male of the species, and signals that the woman is ready for sex.

Dryness before the menopause
Vaginal dryness before the menopause is mostly a problem during sex. It may mean that you are not sufficiently aroused – which can occur for all sorts of reasons such as inadequate foreplay, feelings of guilt, fear or relationship problems. Also remember that men generally get aroused sooner than women, so your partner may be attempting penetration before you are ready, before good lubrication has occurred. Lack of lubrication is also common in breastfeeding women, because estrogen levels are low, and in women with diabetes.
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Re: Vaginal Dryness and Sex

Postby apolonia on Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:49 am

After having two kids parts down there aren’t as tight as they use to be prior to having children.Feeling very dry and sometimes itchy feeling.Once I applied dermalmd vaginal serum I can notice a cooling tingling sensation. There was not irritation whatsoever when product was applied.Overall will continue to use this product as has worked so far.
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Re: Vaginal Dryness and Sex

Postby sri saisha on Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:52 pm

Hello, I have been facing this problem for a year, recently I used skin lubricants. these products help me a lot, and I am having happy sex with my husband. I will suggest you use skyn lubricant, hope you will feel the same as I feel.

if you use this skyn product let me know how you feel.
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